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CBD products for dogs and cats: Is it safe? What you should know about it?


These days CBD Products are everywhere and easily accessible. Talking about CBD products for dogs and cats, many studies have shown that these CBD products are safe for both. Even many veterinary researches conducted in the past years have proved that if CBD is given to dogs and cats in a little high amount also, then no adverse effects have been noticed by them. So it is right to say that, yes, CBD is completely safe for dogs and cats.

Know more about CBD for dogs and cats

Keep in mind, CBD contains no intoxicating properties and won’t get your pet high. As more studies are being conducted, we will acquire all data in regards to the impact of long-term utilization of CBD items in pets.

Pet owners use CBD for a wide scope of medical and behavioural issues, including anxieties, pain due to cancer, nerves, arthritis, joint inflammation, seizures, neurological and stomach-related problems, past injuries, social withdrawal, irritating moods and coexisting with other dogs and cats.

While recovering from a disease or medical procedures, CBD can invigorate craving and speedy recovery. At last, we can say, CBD can lower the pain and anxiety your pet might be encountering.

CBD products come in various forms but you can give this in an oil form and put it directly in their mouth or can be given by mixing it in their food and oil can be put on their jaws which they can lick.

What hemp CBD can do for your dog or cat?

As per Dr. Marcie Fallek, a holistic veterinarian at Animal Natural Healing Center in New York, “Hemp oil is a great way for pet owners to get started on a holistic path,”.

These days’ pet owners are opting for hemp oil for their pets to treat their varied health and wellness needs like pain and anxiety. Hemp seed oil is considered to be alright for pets, however, you ought to get the go-ahead from your vet before adding it to your pet’s eating routine. (Also that goes for any change or additional dosage!)

Dr. Nelson says there’s truly not a ton that can turn out badly with hemp seed oil except if you’re inappropriately dosing it. Any hemp seed oil or item containing hemp seed oil that you give your pet ought to be figured out only for them. Never try to give your own (human) supplement to your pet. While you might share nearly everything with your fuzzy companion, it’s ideal to just give them supplements expected for their utilization and that have their whole fixings list endorsed by your vet.

“At the point when items are made for creature use versus human use there are generally various formulations utilized which would help creatures explicitly,” clarifies Dr. Butzer.


Do remember that every pet be it a dog or cat they are different. And the final results can vary depending on the breed, size, overall health and predisposition. Make sure you don’t begin with a big dosage at the initial stage rather start with a small dosage and then you can adjust accordingly. The best hemp seed oil item for your pet will truly rely upon whether you’re hoping to treat a condition, similar to sensitivities, or simply need to add a nutritious enhancement to your pet’s eating regimen. Consult with your vet about the most ideal choice for your pet’s way of life.

Another vital aspect to keep in mind while buying CBD products for dogs and cats are:

  • Make sure you buy natural/organic products.
  • Products should be 100% Man-Made
  • 100% Hemp Seed Extract or oil
  • No preservatives or artificial flavours